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Top shares on Wall Street by TradeFW broker

Online trading offers an opportunity to invest in the top U.S. companies. A key investment strategy is trading an index fund rather than buying individual stocks and taking a risk of purchasing the wrong investments. Asset trading is the process of buying and selling your index to create financial opportunities.

What is the Index of the Top Shares on Wall Street?

One of the best assets for personal investing is index investing. The index of the top 30 shares on Wall Street is a collection of stocks in a single trade. You buy shares in the top 30 companies when you make a purchase.

Asset trading allows you to make trading opportunities on your purchase. You buy the stocks and then hold them until you are ready to sell the stocks. Purchasing an index means you have a single transaction rather than 30 transactions. That helps you cut back on the cost of your trade.

Stocks in the Index

The index of the top 30 shares on Wall Street contains the top companies1. It has companies from multiple sectors for a well-balanced portfolio. Some of the stocks in the index include:

    • American Express
    • Boeing
    • Caterpillar
    • Chevron
    Coca-Cola Co
    • Exxon Mobil
    • Johnson and Johnson
    • IBM
    • McDonald’s
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Visa

The stocks represent the top 30 companies in the United States Stock Market. The index of the top shares on Wall Street contains multiple sectors and a variety of companies.

Trading History

The trading history of the US 30 index is long and relates directly to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500. Since the collection of stocks in the index are from the top 30 companies, trade data is available for many years. The companies in the index change based on changes to the market conditions and the top companies in Wall Street.

Modern online trading allows traders and investors to make trades when it suits them. That means you have trades on a daily basis that impact the index. Before you decide to start trading CFDs or other investments, you should take time to evaluate the companies in the index. The index reflects the market for the companies.

Should You Buy or Sell?

The final consideration when you are looking for the best assets is your goal. Buying and selling the top 30 shares on Wall Street gives you a chance to create opportunities. The challenge is finding the right timing for the maximum opportunities.

At TradeFW, you also have the option to purchase CFDs, or a Contract for Difference, to which can possibly create an investment opportunity for you. CFD trading differs from traditional trading because you are not buying the shares. Instead, you buy a contract and you create a trading opportunity based on the movement of the stocks. The advantage of CFD trading is the opportunity to cut back on your costs. When you want to trade the top 30 shares on Wall Street, you can buy the Contract for Difference of the index. When you sell the contract, you can potentially create an opportunity based on the movement of the stocks.

CFD trading gives you a chance to avoid complications by cutting back on your costs. Since you have a lower cost, you can make more trades until you feel comfortable with the process.

When you look for investments on Wall Street, you want to evaluate the top companies and shares. By using an index of the top 30 shares, you focus your research on an investment based on your needs. It helps you keep up with your trading while avoiding shares that do not create trading opportunities.


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