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FTSE 100 index by TradeFW broker

When looking to get started in online trading, you want a platform which is user-friendly for beginners as well as for professional traders most convenient manner to engage in asset trading for beginners as well as veteran stock traders. TradeFW is the optimal platform where it features the best assets to monitor and trade on throughout the market day. You also can get involved with CFD trading, contracts for difference, where you don’t have to actually buy the asset before trading on the stock’s movement. In addition, TradeFW allows you to monitor assets on different stock indices around the world. One such stock market index is the FTSE 100 Index of UK listed shares.

FTSE 100 Index of UK Listed Shares

The FTSE 100 Index, also known as Footsie, is a capitalization share index of the best traded stocks on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). It consists of large and small companies based in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries. For the 100 companies, they are regulated based on UK company law for corporations that were formed under the Companies Act of 2006, as amended. Here are some quick facts about the FTSE 100 Index.

What is FTSE?

FTSE stands for “Financial Times and Stock Exchange,” which is actually a company called FTSE Group that focuses on providing index calculations. It is owned by the London Stock Exchange, and was previously co-owned by the LSE and the Financial Times, even though it is not part of any stock exchange.

History of FTSE

The FTSE was created in January of 19841. It features blue-chip stocks. Blue chip stocks are companies that are financially sound and are well-established. These companies are normally market leaders in the top sectors and will have billions in market capitalization. When the FTSE 100 Index started, it had a base level of 1000. In March of 2018, it had reached a base level of 7,000.

What Makes FTSE 100 Index the Best Place for CFDs?

When looking through all indices with the best assets, many people turn to FTSE 100 because it features many of the brand name companies that almost everyone knows today. These highly capitalized corporations make up 81% of the LSE2, as their share prices are based in weighting (market capitalization) where the larger companies have more of an impact on the index versus the smaller companies that are also included. So if a smaller company experiences losses, the larger corporations will have more sway over the index trading.

Trading the Best Assets on FTSE 100 with TradeFW

The corporations on the FTSE 100 are great indicators regarding the overall prosperity in regards to United Kingdom companies that qualify for the share index, although it shouldn’t be used to gauge the overall aspects of the United Kingdom’s economy since many of the corporations are not based in the United Kingdom. The share prices listed on the FTSE 100 index of UK listed stocks are updated and published in real-time every 15 seconds while the market is opened, providing the most accurate representation of the index.

Getting the best CFD trading requires understanding the stock market exchange you want to take part in along with the stability as well as trading opportunities of the corporations that are listed. Trading on the FTSE 100 with well-known companies that are financially stable could potentially create trading opportunities for traders of all experiences.


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