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ENI Stocks

Eni stocks by TradefFW broker

Eni is an Italian multinational company that found its place among the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas companies. This company is always in the top 100 on Fortune Global 500 list for largest companies by revenue. Do you want to expand your investment portfolio with an Italian stock? Overview the Eni Stock with TradeFW and enrich your trading experience!


Eni S.p.A is an Italian multinational oil and gas company which was founded in February 1953. Its headquarters are located in Rome, Italy; but its operations expand over 79 countries around the globe, including Norway, Congo, Nigeria, the United States, and Venezuela. The company’s key people are Emma Marcegaglia (Chairwoman) and Claudio Descalzi (CEO), while the Italian government owns a 30.303% golden share and other 2.012% of the shares are held by the People’s Bank of China.

Eni engages in the gas and oil, electricity generation and sale, as well as petrochemical businesses. It refines and markets petroleum products at retail markets in Europe (the leader operator in Italy), it supplies and markets gas, electricity, and crude oil; and the company is also involved in commodity trading and derivatives. Some of the main subsidiaries through which it operates are: the Belgium-based company Eni Gas & Power, the chemical company Versalis, the oil and gas industry contractor Saipem, and Eni UK.

Eni is among the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas companies and in terms of market value of shares; it ranks eighth in comparison with its industry competitors. The Eni stock can be traded on the Italian Stock Exchange (BIT: ENI) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: E). It is also a FTSE MIB stock market index component.

Brief History

Eni was formed in 1953 from an existing company, Agip – and was listed for the first time to the Italian and New York Stock Exchange in 1995, after becoming a joint stock company by Law Decree. After the oil price collapse from 1998, Eni was forced to take action and proceed to international acquisitions, new explorations and other changes.

In the next decade, Eni had several major discoveries, including the Kashagan oilfield (2000), the Iraqi Zubair oilfield (2010), as well as the Mamba South, North, and North East natural gas fields (2011-2012). Other accomplishments worth mentioning are the $7 billion contract with the government of Ghana to produce oil and gas; and the major gasfield discovery on the coast of Egypt. The years of discoveries and hard work led to €70.980 billion revenue in 2017, a €5.795 billion operating income and a net income of €3.430 billion.

The Eni Stock – outlines and reasons to buy it

Based on past earnings, the Eni Stock has a good value with a Price/Earnings ratio of 11.8x in comparison with the Italy’s Market ratio of 15.1x. The company’s one year earnings growth exceeded its 5-year average of -14.9%, as well as the Europe Oil and Gas industry average of 38.5%, reaching 503%. In addition, the 20% of total debt is well covered by the operating cash flow of 44.6%.

Eni’s background indicates a good and growing financial health, which makes it a valuable stock. Moreover, the company’s earnings growth is positive and it is expected to reach 3.2% in the following three years. At the time of writing, the payout ratio is of 64% (1.6x coverage) and the future payout to shareholders is expected to reach a payout ratio of 57% (1.7x coverage) in the next three years.

Eni is among the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas companies and can be traded on the Italian Stock Exchange (BIT: ENI), as well as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: E). The Eni stock value is unquestionable based on the past earnings and future expert predictions. It’s a trading opportunity that cannot be missed and TradeFW is the stock broker you don’t want to miss either! Expand your portfolio with one of the largest Italian stocks and let’s take the first step towards your financial opportunities together!


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